That’s it, NRA? Armed guards in every school?

After a week…That’s the best you could come up with?

And, meanwhile, the NRA is satisfied to blame everyone else?

Wayne LaPierre was scarey to watch on TV when he came up with his solution.  Put armed guards in each of the 98,817 public elementary and secondary schools in this country.

So lets walk the dog on this one.

Pay a salary of between $30K and $40K a year.  Training and uniform.  Benefits.  If roughly 1/3 of the schools already have police or resource officers, that’s going to cost between $3 billion and $4.5 billion (that’s “illion” with a “B”) if we staff at 1.2 officers/guards per school.  And that isn’t counting admin costs, etc.

And do you want just a single officer at a school?  A single officer presents two interesting scenarios for the shooter:  (1) The officer becomes the first target or (2) when the shooter knows exactly where the officer is, the shooter knows exactly where he/she isn’t.

A countering argument is that the guard/officer is optional for the school.  Great!  So if there is any deterrent value in the guard/officer, the shooter is deflected to the school that doesn’t have a guard/officer.  Is the NRA actually proposing to increase the risk to some schools?  Remember the NRA comments that “Gun Free” zones are actually a magnet to criminals?  That’s exactly the situation with voluntary school armed guard participation.  That’s a hugely cynical way of trying to get support for their “program”…Threatening to increases the risk to innocent school children in order to gain support for the NRA’s political agenda.

Finally (back to the cost) — who will pay the billions of dollars every year?  The NRA is offering a little planning support, but remained remarkably silent on the money issue.  To me, the answer is obvious.  Owners of Modern Sporting Rifles (assault rifles) and high capacity pistols are afraid that these weapons will be taken away from them.  Fine.  I’m sure that owners of those guns will graciously pay those billions through taxes on ammunition, pay a user fee to keep and bear those weapons, and pay an increased transfer fee for some types of weapons — perhaps several hundred dollars per transaction.  After all, it is for the safety of the children.

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